The Cottage

Hideaway Loft is located within the garden of Tithe Barn, set in the middle of Laversdale village in the lush countryside between Irthington and Scaleby.  In the early 1800’s Tithe Barn was owned by the Parish of Irthington, and it was here that the local farmers paid their tithes to the vicar as part of his stipend.  The scale of payment was according to the type of crops grown on the surrounding Glebe Land. Tithe Barn was later sold to private hands after an Act, passed in 1836, changed the system of collecting tithes, and in approximately 1849 it became a private residence rather than a tithe barn.  The restoration of Tithe Barn began in 2004 which took 18 months to complete, and has now been re-thatched and extended.

Hideaway Loft was built as an addition to the original barn at the time of the renovation, originally consisting of a double garage, utility room and garden store on the ground floor, and an open space above this on the first floor, which has been used over the past few years as a party loft and grandchildren’s play room.  The first-floor area then became a redundant and under- utilised space, and this is when Christine decided to do something about it, and came up with the idea of converting the whole building into a self-contained holiday let.

Just like Tithe Barn, Hideaway Loft also has a thatched roof and quaint eyebrow windows, giving it “chocolate box” charm.  The surrounding garden was created from a blank canvass which evolved naturally after the renovation of the barn and erection of the cottage. The style of the cottage – garden fully compliments the style of the buildings, in which fellow garden-lovers would be most welcome to share and use.